June 24, 2024
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Opinion: Time To End Politics of Hatred

There is no compromise for peace. India needs peace. It is high time to indentify and distance the elements that impede the country’s peaceful existence. This time, the opposition, as well as the ruling, is equally at the wrong side. With the ruling not showing any interest to open a reconciliation talk and the opposition violently stirring the Indian population turning the situation from bad to worse, the solution, it seems, is nowhere near.

Like always, at the receiving end of the trouble stands the innocent population of the country. They are confused, as well as frightened.

No good is going to get from turning the country into the state of anarchy. Alarmingly, the presence of the elements, which advocate the theories of anarchy, is indentified in the ongoing protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The excessiveness of violence in the protest is the sign of that.

Undisputedly, there is politics in the ongoing protest. For the opposition, it is an opportunity to prove itself it is not insignificant in the political hemisphere of the country despite its continuing election debacle.

The act, which seeks to provide citizenship to refugees from the minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who has fled their respective nations as a result of religious persecution exercised by their home countries, is misinterpreted to an extend where its actual intent is difficult to identify.

Needless to say, the opposition has huge role in the propagation of this distorted version of the act among the population of the country – especially among the minority community.

The stiff attitude of the ruling contributes heavily to the trouble. The ruling has the obligation to make sure what it aims to achieve through the act is communicated promptly to every citizen. It can effectively use its resources like the public broadcasting system.

The longer it takes for the ruling to reach up to the people, the easier it becomes for the opposition to propagate the distorted version among the population.

It is not too late. It is high time to end the politics of hatred. The nation wants peaceful discussions and deliberations, not violence.

A public discussion should be opened. In that discussion, the flaws the opposition sees in the act should be discussed in detail. Let the people decide whether the ruling should be allowed to continue its rule in the country.

Instead of that, what the opposition does at this moment, from a normal person’s view, is that it attempts to derail a democratically elected government, making the country vulnerable to the threat of anarchy, igniting for petty political gains the feeling of hatred exist among a sector of the society including the anarchists and leftists who are incapable to confront the present regime in the electoral platform – where people’s decision is the only thing that matters.

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