July 24, 2021

Oorjitha and her paper artistry

While great idea can come from anybody anywhere. What matters most is the perspective in developing and how the progress takes place.
Many of us grew up by crafting boats, rockets and flowers with papers, but how many of us took beyond that level?
Oorjitha Dogiparthi is one of those who is proving herself with her talent and also those “rare” fellow who is following the passion as her career.

With the medium of origami, quilling and craft tools, she marvellously complete miniature of boats, musical instruments, food cuisines almost everything under the sky.



Let’s know how Oorjitha fascinatingly following her passion art!

Please tell us about yourself and your family.

I recently completed my M.Sc (Food Chemistry & Food Processing) from Loyola College, Chennai. We are a family of four, my father runs a textile business and my mother is a homemaker. My younger brother who is currently pursuing his 11th grade.

What motivated you to craft miniature with paper?
I was very fascinated by polymer clay miniatures and wanted to make it, but back then (in 2012) polymer clay was not easily available in Chennai; That’s when I thought I will try a different method. From my childhood, I loved paper crafts that’s when I triggered to craft miniatures with paper.

What themes do you prefer to craft more?
I like making miniatures of food, things used in everyday life, pop cultures based and would try making something new as well.

What do you dislike about your work?
I can’t exactly say dislike but one negative point of working with paper is that you can’t make things that are transparent like glass items.

How effective is it to market your craft through oorugami Instagram handle? I feel it is pretty effective, a lot of people get to know of my works through social media platforms and the majority of the orders I get is through my Instagram handle.







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Your future plans?
I’m looking forward to pursuing miniature making as a full-time career.

How long do you usually take to make a complete an art piece?
It depends on the piece; the more intricate it is the more time it takes. The simplest of the miniatures takes about an hour or two. Miniatures like the ramen bowl take about a day of continuous work.

Have you completed any professional course based on this craft?
Not really; the miniatures I make is a combination of many techniques which I learnt in school art classes. I developed more on it with the help of books, internet and a lot of experimentation.

According to you what is the most important quality an artist should have?
One of the most important ones, I think, is patience. Sometimes things might not turn out right the very first time and you have to be patient enough

What is that you got to say to your fellow peers?
Follow your passion as it helps to rediscover one’s talent. There are very few who actually carry their talent as their profession. Maybe you could become that person in the near future! 🙂


Dhanya Ravi


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