June 24, 2024
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One day to go for Miss South India 2020

The much awaited Miss South India 2020 is just a day away. The eighteenth edition of Miss South India, organised by Pegasus, is going to commence at 6 PM Tomorrow (on 18th January, 2020) at Luxotica Convention Centre, in Kannur. Manappuram Finance Limited is the prime partner of the event, in which at least 23 beauties from all the five major South Indian states are expected to participate. Mahindra, DQ Watches, Saj Earth Resorts and SajaaS Designer Boutique are the main powered by partners of the event.

The grooming sessions of the beauty contest, which is broadly divided into at least three major rounds such as the designer saree round, red cocktail round and the black gown round, commenced on 14th January 2020 in Kochi. The sessions in yoga, meditation, personality development, beauty care, catwalk, photoshoot and talent search are expected to bestow the contestants with renewed confidence. Notably, the sessions are being handled by experts in the field of fashion.

The event offers a huge prize worth at least one lakh and fifty thousand Indian Rupees to the title winner. Meanwhile, a prize worth seventy five thousand Indian Rupees is offered to the first runner up. Moreover, the second runner up is to win a prize worth fifty thousand Indian Rupees. The winners are also eligible to receive golden crowns designed by Parakkat Jewellers.

Miss South India is the first step towards popular International beauty contest Miss Asia.

The contestants for the Miss South India 2020, like always, were selected through a transparent audition process. The audition sessions were conducted in at least five major cities across South India such as Kochi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The event’s entry is restricted to invited guests. The guests are supposed to follow a strict dress code of black or red.

Aiswarya S (Tamil Nadu), Anjali Menon (Kerala), Deepthie S (Tamil Nadu), Divyapriya Sivam (Tamil Nadu), Ishwarya Pagalavan (Tamil Nadu), Kaamna Batra (Tamil Nadu), Krishnanjana K S (Kerala), Lavanya A (Tamil Nadu), Mariya James (Kerala), Megha Shetty (Karnataka), Neha S (Karnataka), Pallavi Sushil (Kerala), Pooja Ratnam (Telangana), Samruddi V Shetty (Karnataka), Shivani Rai (Karnataka), Shwetha Jayaram (Kerala), Shwetha Rao (Karnataka), Sini M (Karnataka), Sonia Karthikeyan (Tamil Nadu), Spandhanah Roselene (Telangana), Sreelakshmi C (Kerala), Sugamya Sankar (Andhra Pradesh), Vidhya Vijayakumar (Kerala) are the contestants of the beauty contest.

Kalpana Family Salon and Spa, Parakkat Jewellers, Unique Times, Fashion Connect, Dream Catcher and Aiswarya Advertising are the event partners of the Miss South India 2020.

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