June 8, 2023
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Nutritionists recommend tax on processed food containing high amount of FSS

Identifying that the highly processed food materials are dangerous to the health of the human beings, a medical expert committee comprising of several acclaimed doctors and nutritionists has recommended the imposition of tax on those processed food materials containing a high amount of fat, sugar and salt. It is learned that the report of the committee has been submitted to the Food Standards and Safety Authority which is a regulatory body comes under the Union Health Ministry. According to the report, the committee has also advised a ban on those advertisements intentionally made to prompt the innocent children to buy such food materials. It has recommended that no such advertisements should be telecasted in the channels targeting the child audience and between such programs created for the child audience.

The committee has also discouraged the celebrity endorsement of such food materials. It has recommended that the celebrities who have enormous influence on the society, particularly on the children, must refrain from promoting such products. Some foreign countries like Chile have already executed these kinds of policies indented to reduce the use of the food containing high quantity of FSS materials successfully. It is very important that the Indian authorities should give green signal to such plan. It is said that the pressure from the ‘processed food’ giants is forcing the authorities to refrain from taking stern actions and implementing concrete regulations against those food materials which is affecting the health of our people adversely.




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