February 25, 2024
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Nithyananda’s ‘Kailasa’ Attends UN Meet, Alleges “Persecution” Of Its Leader

At a United Nations summit, representatives of the controversial godman Nithyananda’s self-declared nation, the “Republic of Kailasa,” asked for protection for the “supreme pontiff of Hinduism.” The Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (CESCR) of the United Nations met on February 24 in Geneva.

Photos from the meeting and information about how the delegation was made up entirely of women were uploaded on Nithyananda’s official Twitter account. The discussion topic was “equal and inclusive representation of women in decision-making structures.” Years after leaving India, Nithyananda built his ashram in a place he names Kailasa. The location of this location is a subject of much conjecture.

Videos of the occasion that are making the rounds on Twitter show one of Kailasa’s officials lecturing about the measures her nation has done in the area of “sustainable development” while wearing a sari, a turban, and jewellery.

She added that in Kailasa, “all fundamental necessities”—including food, clothing, shelter, and medical care—are “given for free.” The representative went on to say that Nithyananda has been persecuted for resurrecting the ancient Hindu practises and has even been expelled from his native country. The envoy enquired of the UN body what steps could be made “at national and international levels” to cease his persecution.

Regarding the ‘Day of General Discussion on General Comment on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Sustainable Development’, it is unclear how Kailasa’s delegates took part in the conversation.

According to accounts, during the time allotted for asking questions, two people spoke on behalf of Kailasa.

The CESCR is “now in the process of producing a general comment on economic, social, and cultural rights and sustainable development,” according to the website of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. The debate on February 24 was the “last phase in the committee’s process of interacting with key stakeholders before creating a first draught of the General Comment following multiple consultations done since 2020,” according to the statement made in the document.

In August of last year, a non-bailable warrant (NBW) was also issued against Nithyananda in the rape case in Ramanagara, Karnataka.

Based on an allegation made by Lenin, Nithyananda’s former driver, the rape case was brought in 2010. After being detained, the contentious godman was later released on bond. After Lenin filed a plea in 2020 asserting that Nithyananda had fled the country, the bail was once more revoked.

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