September 23, 2023
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Nirbhaya Case: Convict’s lawyer questions victim’s dying declaration

On Wednesday the Supreme Court began the hearing of the review plea of 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape and murder case convict Akshay Kumar against his death sentence.

Akshay’s lawyer AP Singh told the apex court that,”The air quality and water quality in Delhi/NCR is toxic and poisonous. The life span of any average person is going from short to shorter. Why execute death penalty on anybody in a situation like this?” while arguing against the death penalty. The lawyer also informed the court about the dying declaration of Nirbhaya is doubtful and could not be depended upon.

Singh said while arguing on behalf of the accused that “All six persons in the bus could not have raped her in just 21 minutes. She didn’t even name any of the accused in her dying declaration or mention the iron rod used by the accused.”

The apex court bench in reply asked Singh to argue on apparent errors in previous judgement as it was not hearing appeal in the case. Singh also cited an excerpt from former Tihar Jail officer Sunil Gupta’s book in which the latter indicted that another accused Ram Singh might have been murdered inside the prison.

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