March 1, 2024
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Natural ways to soften lips

Do you know what the most beautiful part of your face is? It is your lips. Do you know
why it is known as the most beautiful part? Actually, that question is difficult to answer.
But, we can say one thing for sure that not many may disagree with the aforesaid
statement regarding lips.
There is a saying that the smoother your lips is the brighter your face becomes. What it
indicates is that the beauty of a face has a direct connection with the smoothness of its
lips. In other words, the beauty of a face is directly proportional to the smoothness of its
The aforesaid statement explains why the demand for lip balms increases day by day.
Nowadays, lip balms are popular even in villages, unlike in the past when it was only
available in cities.
What the aforesaid stats emphasises is the fact that people – especially women – have
become more conscious about their lips than before now.
Why they are so conscious? May be because their lips are more vulnerable now than
before; or may be because they are encouraged more to take care of their lips now than
Whatever, it is. There is clarity in one thing. There is a demand – the demand for a
solution to keep lips soft and beautiful.
Is it necessary that all such demands are addressed only through the chemical path?
Haven’t you ever searched for a safe path? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are at the
right place – at the right page.
In this edition, we introduce some of the effective ways to smoothen lips naturally to our
beloved readers.
Let’s begin!

Rose Petals

This method is more suitable for women. Rosy pink lips are every woman’s dream. But,
it is not easy to get that. Isn’t it? Anyway, there is a good notification for you. What this
method offer is that.

Take a handful of rose petals. Sock it for few hours – at least six to seven hours. Strain
the water completely. Pour a few drops of milk into the drained rose petals. Turn the
mixture into the form of a paste. Apply the paste on your lips. Let it sit there for few
minutes – at least fifteen minutes (the more it stays, the better it becomes). Remove it
with cold water. Try it daily for better result.

Honey and Lemon

It is a well known fact that honey and lemon are two miraculous substances. It is also
well aware that the combination of these two substances gives solutions to many beauty
issues. Here, it is important to mention that smoothing lips is one of the best beauty
solutions this combination can give. The combination is actually a natural moisturiser-
cum-natural bleach, as honey holds moisturising properties and lemon contains
bleaching properties.
Take two spoons of honey and a spoon of lemon. Combine them thoroughly. Apply the
mixture on your lips. Let it rest there for few minutes – at least 20 to 30 minutes. Wash it
off with slightly warm water. Try it at least twice a week.

Aloe Vera

There is nothing in the world which is equal to aloe vera. It is not short of a gift from the
Almighty. It has several medicinal properties. Even modern medical researchers
recognise the plant as a store house of several vitamins and minerals. There are many
who apply the gel extracted from this plant on their faces daily. A new report says that it
is also beneficial to lips.
Extract a spool of gel from the plant. Add few drops of olive oil or coconut oil into the
extracted gel. Mix them well. Apply it on your lips. Use it whenever you feel you need
the support of a lip balm. Actually, it is a best alternative to lip balms.

Sugar and oil

It is a perfect combination for those looking for a perfect natural scrub for their lips.
What makes it special is that it is one hundred per cent natural and is extremely

Take a spoon of sugar. Pour a spoon of coconut oil or olive oil into the sugar. Mix them
well. Apply it on your lips and slowly and gently scrub in circular motion. Wash it off with
clean water. It is better to apply aloe vera on your lips after the scrubbing process.

Stay Healthy! Stay Beautiful! Spread Happiness!


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