September 26, 2023
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Night-time routine for women over 50 years of age



You have reached your fifties and your body and skin will start to show all those changes that will enhance your age-related looks, from wrinkles to spots. People despise this look in general but it’s all about loving yourself. After menopause, your estrogen level goes down and your skin will start to show the same. While we are taught that 50 means the beginning of the beauty’s end, it is actually a myth because beauty is a matter of perception. In fact, 50 can be your new best friend. One of the major reasons why the skin develops dryness and wrinkles are due to its inability to hold moisture as the skin becomes thinner. But with proper skin care, you can maintain your looks and with age, you will look better. Here are methods by which you could maintain your looks.


Sleep: Yep, sleep is an underrated phenomenon and extremely misunderstood. Your body needs sleep just as much as it needs food, water, and exercise. Giving a good night’s sleep will directly boot your brains and will look fresh when you wake up. Loss of dark circles under the eyes is a major contributor to your skin maintenance.

Cleanse your skin: Before you go to sleep, apply a good moisture to give it an extra boost. Apply it gently on your skin. Invest some to get good products and an anti-aging serum that could be used to repair damaged skin.

Eyecare: The skin under your eyes is so delicate that it will develop wrinkles quicker than the other parts. Once you can control it, everything else is piece of cake. Apply peptide-rich cream under your eyes. You can use natural products like cucumber for the same.

The moisturizer you use should boost the skin’s oil levels. Oily skin is likely to develop fewer wrinkles when compared to a clean skin. Besides, you may as well rely on natural products rich in Vitamin C, E, and peptides. Which are all anti-aging and pigment reducing agents.

So care for the skin and you will look enchanting. Excelsior.













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