July 23, 2024
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New gen actors addicted to drugs alleged producers; Shane Nigam Banned from doing movies

The Mollywood industry has been hit by another big rumors, with the film producers claiming that most new-gen actors are causing trouble on the sets under the influence of drugs. They demanded a thorough police investigation into the activities of such actors, including inspection in caravans.

They also made a conclusion not to sign actor Shane Nigam for new movies for not cooperating with them and said three under-production movies involving him would be scrapped. Kerala Film Producers’ Association (KFPA) president Rejaputhra Renjith said “it’s becoming evident that some new-gen actors are using narcotic drugs. I’m not implying all actors use them. The police must look into the issue.” He was addressing a press conference, gathered to speak about the ongoing clash between actor Shane and producers of the movie Veyil.

“The actors’ negative approach towards work and their drug habits have adversely affected the Malayalam film industry. Of the 150 movies released annually, 135 fail at the box office. We’ve never encountered such abnormal behaviour, until this crop of new-gen actors emerged,” added Renjith.

Siyad Koker, Veteran producer and Kerala Film Distributors Association president said it is suspected that synthetic drugs like LSD are being excessively used by these young actors. The producers also decided to scrap under-production movies Veyil and Qurbani, which involve Shane Nigam after he changed his appearance ignoring the characters he has been playing in them.

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