September 26, 2023
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New Data Shows Mumbai Air Pollution Rose Sharply, But Delhi Is Far Worse

The recent claim that Mumbai’s air pollution is greater than Delhi’s infamous pollution has received a lot of attention. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, even tweeted a list of the world’s most polluted cities, with Mumbai coming in second. He claimed that this was the first time in a while that the nation’s capital was not on the list.

That was on a day, though, when the Delhi region benefited from strong winds that helped clear the air of several air contaminants. The index, which is regularly updated, was created by the Swiss company IQ Air.

While it is true that Mumbai’s air quality has declined, new data from IQ Air reveals other, more concerning trends regarding the actual situation.

The sea breeze typically helps the coastal city by removing pollution, primarily from traffic, construction, and road dust. Doctors have noticed an increase in respiratory infections this winter, particularly in children.

Throughout the months of November and December of last year, Mumbai and Delhi both had air quality levels that were far higher than the WHO’s recommended threshold, posing serious health risks.

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