February 24, 2024

Nasreen Sultana Mazhar

Contestant No: 10

6T3B2385NAME: Nasreen Sultana Mazhar


HEIGHT: 5’6”

HOBBIES : Dancing, Anchoring  Events, UI Designing,   Oratorical Events, Watching Reality Shows.

STRENGTH: My faith in God, Learning Agility and   Effective Personal Communication skills,   Self-Confident, Determined, Passionate and   Hard-Working.

WEAKNESS:  Outspoken and Inquisitive.


•Gold Medalist from Anna University.
•Cash Award for Excellence in Academics by the Governor of TamilNadu.
•Won many Inter-school and Inter-college Dance and Oratorical events.
•Miss Popular at the Inter-college Cultural Fest. Won the Radio Mirchi Dance Hunt.
•Won the Chennai Corporate Dance Event. Have done Commercials and Print Ad



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