December 8, 2022

Watching TV may adversely affect male fertility


We all love to watch television. Nowadays, television is one of the unavoidable elements of home. Actually, this intelligent devise not only eats time brilliantly but also makes us lazy. Children are the prime victim of this modern devise. Most parents are unaware about the dangers posed by this devise. By encouraging the habit of ‘watching television’, parents indirectly help their children to move close to sedentary lifestyle.

A new study has proved that the habit of watching television might adversely affect the reproductive capabilities of male.

The research conducted in at least two hundred people has found that the sperm court of those who don’t have this habit is far higher than those who do have this habit.

The sharp reduction in the sperm count of those who have the habit of watching television has been attributed to the sedentary lifestyle of television lovers.

Let children spent their time in the way they wish. Most children love to play games; let them find joy in it.


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