February 9, 2023
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Muslim MPs had not been selected in Karnataka since 2004

Many candidates are not being favoured by the three major parties from the community and polarisation of voters, Karnataka hasn’t elected a Muslim MP since 2004. 

As per the openion of experts, delimitation of constituencies also had an impact on the winnability, although Muslim leaders say that should not be a factor while giving representation. 

Karnataka had sent 84 MPs to Parliament since 2004 out of which Iqbal Ahmed Saradgi, from Kalaburgi ,was the only Muslim. As per the reports,only 11 Muslim candidate where representing the Congress and JD(S) together from 2004 to 2019. The BJP had not sent at least one candidate in the mentioned years. These 11 make up for less than 10% of the seats (112) that were at play, while Karnataka has more than 12% Muslims. 

The political scientist Muzaffar Assadi said, “There are no clear Muslim constituencies where the community votes decide the winner”. “Parties also don’t encourage leaders to grow beyond community identity markers. Another factor is that there has been a polarisation of voters, especially when the BJP is contesting”, he added.

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