September 25, 2022
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Military averts militants’ infiltration move


Giving no chance for the militant groups to endanger our citizens living in our country, the Indian military officials, who are posed in the Line of Control, have averted the militant’s move to infiltrate through the borders.

Nearly two unidentified militants have been killed in the Line of Control in Kupwara region early today.

The military personals have indulged in a serious exchange of fire with the militants as part of its move to shatter the militants’ attempt to infiltrate into the Indian soil.

The identity of those killed in the military move has not yet been revealed by the concerned authorities.

It is learned that those soldiers who have been manning the fence near the Line of Control have initially found the presence of the militants in the region.

It is said that the militants have opened fire at the military personals leading to a severe exchange of fire between the military personals and the militants.

The military has informed the public, through an official statement, that it has killed nearly two militants near the Line of Control.

The information publicised by the military indicates that these have been more militants involved in the militant attack happened near the border.


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