June 20, 2024
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Man Banned From Flying Air India For 4 Months Over Pee-Gate Shocker

According to news agency ANI, Shankar Mishra has been banned from Air India for four months after peeing on an elderly passenger. The incident, which sparked outrage across the country, happened on a flight between New York and Delhi on November 26.

Six weeks after reportedly performing this heinous deed on a 72-year-old passenger, Shankar Mishra was apprehended in Bengaluru last week.

He had been fired by US banking behemoth Wells Fargo and had spent days eluding law enforcement. He allegedly dropped his pants and peed on the business class passenger while intoxicated during the flight from New York to New Delhi.

For not acting quickly, Air India had faced harsh criticism. When the plane landed in Delhi, Mishra left the area without taking any further action. The airlines said they did not contact the police prior to January 4 because they believed the situation had been “resolved” between the parties.

Shankar Mishra asserted in court that the woman defecated on herself. The ousted banking CEO denied peeing on the geriatric passenger on a flight. Mishra’s allegations were refuted by the woman, who referred to them as “totally false and contrived.”

He is currently being held by authorities. The judge denied his request for bail, describing the claims against him as “utterly vile and revolting.”

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