January 24, 2022
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Mahinda Rajapaksa inducted as Sri Lankan Prime Minister

Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been inducted as the Prime Minister of the country by his brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was recently elected as the President of the Island nation.

His induction has come shortly, after Ranil Wickremesinghe resigned from the post respecting the election result – which went in favour of the Rajapaksa family.

Though these two Rajapaksas are very popular and well-accepted among the dominant community in the state, the minority communities are not the fans of these leaders.

There are many reasons for their unpopularity among the minority communities. The main reason is that they were at the helm when several brutalities were allegedly committed against a minority community in the pretext of destroying a rebel force made of the members from that community.

The brothers also face several human rights abuse allegations. Many outside the Island, like some inside the Island, are worried about the return of the brothers in the seat of power in the state.

Many countries, including India and the US, have advised the new government of Sri Lanka to respect the human rights of the people of the Island – especially the rights of the minorities of the country.

It seems that the actual big task before the brothers at this moment is to gain the trust of the minorities of the country – especially the one which suffered some unspeakable brutalities last time under their leadership.

At present, the Rajapaksas do not have a majority in the parliament. Meanwhile, the ousted PM’s party enjoys a clear lead in the house.

The country is due to hold a general election in the near future – most probably, in the next year.

It is impossible to say at this juncture whether the conditions that have favoured the triumph of the Rajapaksas will stay strong offering support to the duo in the coming election also.

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