August 6, 2021
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M J Akbar’s wife denounces US based journalist rape allegation against her husband


For the first time, the wife of M J Akbar, the ousted junior minister who is mired in several sexual harassment allegations triggered against him as a part of the MeToo campaign, has taken a strong stand against the sexual harassment allegations raised against her husband.

It is assumed that it is the allegation raised by US based journalist Pallavi Gogoi that has prompted her to come strong against the allegations.

She has claimed that her husband, who was the founder and edition of a national daily, had a romantic relation with the journalist, who worked under him, and he stopped that relation for the sack of their family relationship when he was confronted with that. She has termed the allegation raised by the journalist as a huge lie.

Earlier, the resigned junior minister also admitted that he had a consensual relation with the journalist, and along with that he stated that that relation ended not on the best note.

Actually, an article written by the journalist in a US-based newspaper was the one that triggered the latest issue. Originally, that article was intended to give a moral support to all those who showed courage to come up strongly against the, so called, powerful sexual predators.

Has the article served the purpose?



Vignesh. S. G

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