June 24, 2024
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Living Successfully as an Entrepreneur

living successfullyAn entrepreneur’s life is not easy. But as an entrepreneur will not sit back and take what life deals him; he attacks life head on, takes charge of his own life, and has an unrelenting determination to establish his own path in life In a book called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, Mr. Hill said that “an educated person is not necessarily a person with any specialized knowledge, but an educated person is one who has so developed the higher faculties of their mind that they can acquire anything they want without violating the rights of others.”

An entrepreneur used his higher faculties of the mind like reasoning, memory, will power, intuition and imagination to solve problems and go further forward.  The first step towards establishing a successful life as an entrepreneur is to create a mindset understands the importance of a network of business opportunities.  The mindset has to be developed systematically. Before you start you have to have the mindset to achieve the things you want in your life. You have to analyze your current mindset and see what is stopping you from achieving what you want. And you have to honest with yourself because only a correct analysis will show your shortfalls and find suitable remedies.  Once you have corrected yourself on your shortcomings, your mind is capable of making creative choices. If you need help just check the lifestyle of two other entrepreneurs find all areas where you have made a difference and note it down.

Personal Development is another key to successful living. Read self help books if you require, attend a personal development program. Punctuality is another key which will give you a lot of self esteem. You also have to be well organized that will help in avoiding wastage.  Personal improvement has to be done in a holistic way; there is always a scope for improvement. Every day writes down your improvements and where did you falter so that you necessarily do not repeat the same mistake.

Another important thing is to write down your short term goals, the midterm goals and your long term goals and following them meticulously so that you achieve them. Be realistic when writing your goals and do not keep them out of reach. Once you achieve your short term goals you will feel more confident about achieving your long term goals. But also be a little creative about your goals, so that you will able to push yourself to attain the goals. Please always remember that there is not option for hard work. Also write a list of fifty things that you need to improve in your life. Writing it down will increase the number of times you notice those things and make improvements.

Keep your mindset always positive and never be a pessimist. Integrate personal development into your daily lifestyle. Start applying personal development everyday in your daily life. With the new mindset you have now, you should continue to feed your mind every day with personal development. Personal development is a must for an entrepreneur to succeed so integrate personal development into your daily lifestyle.  Initially you will have to take an extra effort to achieve difficult goals, but soon you will find that the difficulty is becoming easier.

Visualize what you will require to achieve, visualize for seven minutes your long term goals, once you do that your mind will believe that it is achievable. Also Put four positive affirmation statements on a sticky note around your home, office, and work area in times when you need to be encouraged as you move forward with your new idea. Affirmations should always be written as positive statements in the present tense. Placing four affirmation statements on a sticky note around an area that you visit most often will further your actions toward your goal because your affirmations will begin to work as supportive thoughts, and a placeholder for a more positive mindset in your daily life.

Take a decision for yourself that you will never give up on your new ideas and goals until you see them manifest in your life.  You will need to take action on your new ideas and goals as an entrepreneur. You have been taking action all throughout this article in the steps listed above, so now it is time for you to take the necessary action to make it happen. Successful entrepreneurs know how to manage their time. Please try to implement the steps we have discussed in the article and sure you will have a better life. What you have now is a blueprint to success and you will have to implement it.  Remember the famous statement “The whole world steps aside for the man who knows where he is going. “

Dr Thomas Nechupadom heads Metanoeo,  a total transformation/ grooming company that has been the by word for grooming and dressing, personality enhancement and Social/Corporate Etiquette for many pageants including Ms.South India and Mannapuram Ms. Queen of India contest 2012.


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