April 18, 2024
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Keeping Beautiful During Your Travels

UntitledWhether it’s on the bus, train, car, or plane, traveling can be something that leaves your skin and hair looking a mess. One of the most difficult things to do while you’re on the road or air so to say is to keep oneself kempt. For those who have come across the hassles of having to travel on a constant basis you would probably be familiar with the annoyances of having to adjust from one climate and time to another within a matter of time. Whether you’re traveling from one state to another from one country to another, the minor changes in the climate can be harsh on the skin and hair. So to make traveling easier here are a few tips. Firstly the deal is when you traveling you always want to travel light to make it easier on yourself, so avoid carrying all that foundation, blush, and lip gloss with you and if you just can’t go on without the makeup products carry the mini versions of it to travel light.

Carry a moisturizing cream with you, rather than a lotion it is better to use a good moisturizing cream to keep your skin hydrated at all times. Before traveling on the plane just make certain to apply the moisturizing cream the night to help your skin better deal with the dehydrating conditions inside the plane.

When you’re travelling its usual better to avoid makeup. Now if it just so happens to be that it is a must for you to wear makeup then before applying the foundation put on a primer which is a silicone based liquid or cream which will help lay a protection layer between your skin and makeup. This will also help your makeup last longer and prevent your skin from becoming too dehydrated. And to keep your makeup looking fresh during your travel do not add on another layer of foundation or blush, rather mist mineral water on or apply a bit of moisturizer. The travel mineral mist such as E.L.F. mineral mist would be handy to have in your handbag at such times.

Another thing that can be dreadful is oily skin. For those of you with oily skin keep a pack of towelettes such as oil-free cleansing wipes on hand in order to dab the excess oil off your skin so that you can look fresh.

When it comes to keeping a long last color on your lips, instead of using long lasting lip sticks which will dehydrate your lips, apply a few coats of lip stains, topped with a clear gloss after it dries up. Otherwise stick to a medicated lip balm to keep your lips moisturized, if you forgot your lip balm here’s a trick, ask one of the flight attendants for a packet of butter and apply a bit of butter to your lips to keep it moist.

To get rid of puffy eyes after a long trip a trick is to wrap up a few crushed ice in a washcloth and just apply it under your eyes, to make you look fresh and feel a bit awake.

In order to keep your eyes from becoming red and watery after a long flight, bring eye drops along with you which will soothe your eyes making it feel at ease as well as refresh your eyes after a nap.

A must avoid during travel is the mascara. Yes, yes every girl loves her eye lash enhancer but during your travel if you fall asleep and wake up you wouldn’t be too happy to find the mascara all smudged now would you? Avoid the creamy eye shadows as well since it will look a mess after your nap. BUT here’s a helpful hint, instead of using your mascara for your eyelashes, use it to darken any roots which you find last minute turning gray. Either use black or brown mascara. This of course can only be recommended for those with dark hair.

It is highly recommended that you should also keep your hands strictly off your face which means stop touching it now and then. If you feel your skin getting irritated, do not keep touching that area of your face it will only further irritate it. The avoidance of your hands on your face is because of the bacteria which you can pick up on your travel, you don’t want that on your face.

To keep your hands always clean though, a useful item would be hand sanitizer. So before you put on your lip balm, or your make up, just clean your hands with the sanitizer and particularly if you want to apply makeup keep an antibacterial hand gel.

Avoid using bright nail polish when you are traveling because when your nail polish chips, it will make your fingers look well not so neat. So instead of brightly colored nail polish use nude nail polish, or a color that is similar to your skin color.

Something that can always stress you out would be the hair. Never perfect. So when you’re traveling you can only imagine how your hair will end up looking either lifeless or like you just stepped out of a clown show if you’re traveling to a place where there is extreme humidity. Always keep a small hairbrush in your purse, and a beret or cloche hate in order to hide the bad hair. It would also be wise to keep a dry shampoo which you can spray on as soon as you arrive at your destined location in order to clean and add volume to your hair.

Make sure that you get your beauty rest during your travel. Keep a night cream at hand which you can apply under your eyes before going to sleep and cover your eyes with a sleep mask and close your eyes into sweet dreams so that when you wake up you can look fresh and relaxed!

Don’t forget to take your cleanser when you are traveling because you do not want to switch cleansers if you have forgotten your usual ones and face a breakout thus throwing you’re the state of your skin off balance.

Always keep a hand cream in your handbag so that you can keep your hands from drying out after washing them as well as avoid the effects of the soaps found in the restrooms.

You know when you are traveling on a very long flight that lasts nearly a day, the best thing to do is a keep an extra outfit with you in your carry on, and instead of spraying those perfumes in flight, spray it on your outfit ahead of time and iron and fold neatly and keep it. You don’t want to disturb the other passengers who are on the flight by spraying the perfume all over, trust me it’s a nuisance for the passengers!

Keep a fresh pack of minty chewing gum or tic tacs for the extremely long travels as well, it’s very useful!

In order to adjust to the time difference of the country, right after you arrive, hit the hay. Sleep and sleep till you feel fresh, and then carry on with whatever plans you may have.
Lastly but most importantly always make certain that you pack all your beauty products with you wherever you go such as body lotions, shower gels, fragrances, and the usual make up products.

Tressa Varghese

Director,Pheobe International


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