March 2, 2024
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BJP to focus on Kisan Morcha


It is believed that the BJP is well aware of the fact that the defeat they faced in the recent Assembly Elections was not a mere reflection of the anti-incumbency factor. As per an assumption, they are of the opinion that the inability of the central government to address the farmers’ distress also affected the election result.

It is to be noted that traditionally it is in the rural India the BJP is weak. That means the BJP is either in capable to address the concerns of the rural population of the country or not interested to listen to the grievances of the poor people in the rural India.

The new developments indicate that the BJP has decided to address its weakness. It is a clear sign that the BJP will no longer remain that conservative party which fears to push its limits.

A source, close to the party, says that the BJP is preparing to strengthen its farmer cell Kisan Morcha to make sure it increases its presence in the rural India day by day. The source adds that a grand meeting of Kisan Morcha is scheduled to take place on mid February next year.

In the recent BJP meeting, the party has decided that it should not address the farmer issue with the point of view of loan waiver. That itself is the indication that the party has big plans for the agrarian community.

At least sixty per cent of the rural popular directly or indirectly depends on the agrarian economy. It is this economy that has been affected the most by the BJP’s celebrated policies of demonetisation and GST.  


Vignesh. S. G

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