September 23, 2021
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Lesson that TN black magic killing teaches


Recently, a small girl was found dead in a less known village located in the Tamil Nadu’s underdeveloped district of Pudukottai. Initially, it was believed that the crime was committed by some sexual predators. Later, that shocking information was revealed. It was not the kind of case the police in that part of the state normally handle, but was an unprecedented case of black magic murder.

The police officials received enough evidence to justify their findings that the girl was killed by a village woman, who was well known for her abilities to tell future. Even through the arrestee’s relatives denounced all allegations levelled by the police against the woman, the police stood firmly with what they discovered.

The case has not yet been proved in the court. So, it still remains unclear whether the arrestee is the real culprit or not.

But, it is not the one it is to be discussed. Actually, the issues bring forth a serious question to the country’s discussion tables: does this part of the country have any effective rules to contain the dangerous practice of black magic.

The fact is that while some states like Karnataka has effective state laws to contain this practice, most others such as the state in which this crime happened has not such laws.

In the Indian constitution, the section 508 of the Indian Penal Code is the only available law to deal with the manic of black magic.

State and society work together to eliminate the threat of black magic. Don’t you think so?  



Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright 


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