June 24, 2024
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Leftwing activists booked


The rightwing government, which has been ruling the country since the inception of the new regime in the year 2014, has tried to stifle the voice of far leftist by letting the police force function under them to arrest several renowned activists who, as per the government opinion, have a soft corner towards the far-leftist militant activities, which is illegal as per the country’s constitution, branding them as anti-nationals or militants.

Last day, the police force conducted several raids across the country to arrest those leftist activists who, as per their findings, had close links with the Maoist groups and had involvement in some crimes the terror group allegedly committed in the recent past across the country, particularly in Maharashtra.

Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira, Telugu poet Varavara Rao, trade union activists Sudha Bharadwaj, and civil liberties activist Gautam Navlakha are the prime leftwing activists who have been booked by the police force.

As per a latest update, some of those arrested have been gained relief as several top courts have intervened in the issue to listen to what the arrested people have to say about the issue.

A leftist claims that since the inception of the rightist government in the centre the system function under it has been systematically eliminating those show courage to point their figure at the wrongs committed by the system through guns or through wicked plots.

Can the latest arrest be considered as an attempt to stifle the voice of far left or those powerful or fearless enough to stand courageously against the regime?


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