January 24, 2022
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Kyrgyzstan security forces launch operation to arrest former President

The Kyrgyzstan security forces have commenced an aggressive operation to arrest former President Almazbek Atambayev. It is the second attempt in the timeframe of last twenty-four hours to arrest the former leader. The first attempt was foiled by the supporters of the former President, who gathered outside their leader’s residence in large numbers to protect their leader. A security personal was killed during the first operation. And, six others were captured by the supporters of the former supremo. Later, those captured was released.

It is alleged that the first operation was done in an unprofessional manner. Many allege this as the reason for the failure of the first move.

On the wake of this, a large team has been deployed to carry out the second operation. The group has blocked the road that leads to the house of the former president.

The former supremo has called the move as a politically motivated one. The government has rejected the allegation. The government has said that the former leader was required to be quested in connection with a corruption case.

Tension prevails in the land. Any moment, this power struggle between the former president and the present president, who was a former coalition partner of the former president, may turn into the form of a brutal civil war.

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