August 3, 2021
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Koodathayi Murder Case: Jolly killed Roy because of his alcoholism, superstition, objection to her illicit affairs

As per the police’s investigation Jollyamma Joseph, the prime suspect in the Koodathayi murder case, killed her husband Roy Thomas because of his superstitions, alcoholism and opposition to her illegal relationships. Her desire to have a financially sound partner was also another factor. The custody report application filed by the District Crime Branch before the Thamarassery judicial first class magistrate court 2 seeking police custody of the accused revealed that Jollyamma had multiple reasons to kill Roy.

According to the report, Roy was superstitious, but she opposed it many times and it shattered their family life. He was a habitual drinker and was opposed to her illicit affairs, which irritated her. All these motivated her to kill her husband and find a new partner. Her search for a suitable husband led her to close relative Shaju, who is a school teacher and was financially sound.

With this intention, Jollyamma planned with second and third accused M S Mathew and Preji Kumar to kill Roy by poisoning him with cyanide. The co-accused provided her with the poison and she gave it to the victim by mixing it in food, the investigation team said in the custody report.

The report further said poison used for the other five victims in the serial killing is yet to be discovered and a detailed interrogating of the accused is required for it. The report hinted at the possibility of conspiracy behind the murder of each person and links with each killing.

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