April 24, 2024
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Baby Bhama And Her Gigantic Friend Uma Devi

Baby Bhama and elephant Uma Devi are now the current internet sensation for the past few day. We all now that elephants are the most delicate creature and no one can deny that. Recently a video of two year old baby girl and an elephant’s adorable chemistry was trending on internet. In the video we can see a lovely baby girl slowly walking on rainwater flooded street and a gigantic and adorable elephant following her. The cute chemistry of the baby and the elephant is too adorable to miss.

The baby girl’s name is Bhama and the elephant’s name is Uma Devi. Bhama, is the two-year-old daughter of a Thirumeni in Thiruvananthapuram. “Uma was member of our family for the past eight years but it was during the lock down we observed the real bond shared between Uma and our daughter. Uma treats Bhama as her own child. Uma is so caring that she always stands still while Bhama approaches her. Uma always make sure that not to touch the baby with her trunk even accidentally.  Whenever Bhama speaks Uma always shares her joy by making a special voice”, says Thirumeni. Lets all pray that the affectionate bond between them last forever.


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