July 25, 2021

‘Ujda Chaman’ director Abhishek Pathak to take legal action against ‘Bala’ makers

Sunny Singh’s ‘Ujda Chaman’s’ makers surprised Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Bala’ by unveiling its film’s trailer with a tagline which reads, “Takle ki pehli aur asli kahani’. Surprisingly, ‘Ujda Chaman’ has a similar concept to that of ‘Bala’. Yesterday, the makers of ‘Bala’ released its trailer with a change in its release date which is now a day before ‘Ujda Chaman’ which has certainly left the makers of this Sunny Singh starrer fuming.

According to the reports the director of ‘Ujda Chaman’ Abhishek Pathak, who is going to debut with the film, isn’t happy with the makers of ‘Bala’ for obvious reasons and said that ‘Bala’ has several similarities to his film. In a recent interview, Abhishek stated that he is planning to take legal action against ‘Bala’ makers for copyright violation.

“I believe good stories need to be seen by maximum number of people. My company Panorama Studios always looks out for such gems… Alone and Drishyam are official remakes by us. We acquired Ondu Motteya Kathe in the last quarter of 2018, with a clear intention to release my version within a year. My team suggested November 8 for release and our campaign commenced. In contrast, the Bala team has been changing their release date, from November 22 to November 15 to November 7, which is a day before my film. Not sure how this will help, I think it harms both films and the industry at large” said director Abhishek Pathak.

As per the latest updates, now ‘Bala’ is decided to release a day before (7th November) ‘Ujda Chaman’s’ releases that is on 8th November.

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