July 14, 2024
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‘Koki Poochega’ With P B Nooh, The fearless Pathanamthitta Collector

Disaster was following the land of Kerala one after the other. Kerala faced one of the worst flood in recent past. It hit the state so badly that 3,500 relief camps had been established to shelter 10.50 lakh people. Now Covid 19 has also shook the state of Kerala but the number of positive cases was way more less than earlier.

P B Nooh was that one name which circulated all around during this tough time. P B Nooh IAS The Pathnamthitta district collector always was so vigilant that he tries his utmost to save his people.

‘Luka Chuppi’ actor Kartik Aaryan in his new series ‘Koki Poochega’ shares an interview video with Kerala District collector Nooh Bava IAS regarding the difficulties faced during flood and how they overcame it. And also the measure they took during Covid 19 pandemic.

Let’s watch the video


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