July 17, 2024
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Kochi to Host Miss Glam World & Mrs Glam World Pageants by SAJ Hotels and DQUE

Pegasus Global Private Limited, in collaboration with SAJ Hotels and Resorts and  DQUE, is organizing the international beauty pageants Miss Glam World and Mrs Glam World on June 9th to discover the most beautiful and talented young women in the world. Dr. Ajit Ravi, Chairman of Pegasus with 25 years of experience in the beauty pageant industry, is the director of these events. The venue for the Miss Glam World and Mrs Glam World competitions will be the Le Meridien Hotel in Kochi. Representatives from 28 shortlisted countries out of 55 participating countries worldwide have been granted permission to compete.

Pegasus Global Private Limited is committed to organizing beauty pageants that emphasize not only physical appearance but also intelligence, knowledge, and humanity. Adhering to the principle of promoting humaneness, Pegasus has historically been the first to eliminate the bikini round from beauty pageants, avoiding the undue emphasis on physical appearance. This move sets a precedent for other international competitions to follow.

Having established a strong presence in the event production industry through national and international beauty pageants such as Miss Queen Kerala, Mrs Kerala Global, Miss South India, Mrs India Global, Mrs South India, Miss Queen of India, Miss Asia, and Miss Asia Global, Pegasus Global Private Limited aims to elevate India’s prestige in the beauty pageant industry through the Miss Glam World and Mrs Glam World competitions.

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