May 25, 2024
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King Charles congratulates Unique Times from Buckingham Palace…

Famous public activist Advocate Shaji Kotamkandam went to London with his family a few months ago. Buckingham Palace was also visited during this time. After this, he was on his way to Scotland when he received the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death. After learning of the warm affection between King Charles and his mother, he wrote a letter to King Charles in his own handwriting explaining his motherly love. Along with this letter, Queen Elizabeth’s article on Unique Times magazine was also sent to him as a gift. As he was on a journey, he found the post office after traveling about eight kilometers to send a letter. The letter was posted at a cost of INR 1000. In this letter Shaji gave his Thrissur address. In a letter sent from Buckingham Palace by the palace spokesperson Mrs. Janhook to surprise Shaji who returned after his trip, it also mentioned about the gift, magazine Unique Times.

Unique Times has received many compliments from many celebrities. Such accolades are milestones in Unique Times’ journey ahead.

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