April 16, 2024
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Kerala Revised Budget 2021-22 financial year

On Friday Kerala Finance Minister K. N. Balagopal presented his maiden budget at the Legislative Assembly. The “revised budget” is for the 2021-22 financial year.

Revised budget schemes

₹20,000 crore COVID-19 revival package, steps to expedite coastal highway project.

No coercive steps to ensure tax remittance.

The Finance Minister reported a revenue inflow of ₹1,30,981.06 crore. While the revenue expenditure is pegged at ₹,147,891.18 crore, the revenue deficit is figured at v16,910.12 crore.

Monthly stipend of ₹2,000 to orphaned children till they attain the age of 18 in addition to the one time payment of ₹. 3 lakhs.

Government Medical College Hospitals in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode to have state of the art isolation facilities to treat transmissible diseases like COVID-19, ebola.

The Institute of Advanced Virology to spearhead the State’s efforts to boost on vaccine research and production.

Allocation of ₹50 lakh as seed money for the proposed Centre for Disease Control

Comprehensive package to prevent coastal erosion and mitigate the damage caused due to sea surge

Expansive isolation wards to treat patients with transmissible diseases in all public hospitals.

WIth emphasis on paediatric care, more intensive care units to be opened in hospitals.

Settlement of outstanding rubber subsidy dues

₹10 crore allocation for eradication of extreme poverty

Proposal for five agriculture processing parks in Kerala.

In a move to revive the tourism sector, the Kerala State Financial Corporation would extend ₹400 crore as low-interest loans to help revive the industry and restore lost jobs.

₹4 crore to set up monuments for veteran politicians and former Ministers K. R. Gowri Amma and R. Balakrishna Pillai.

₹5 crore allocated for setting up smart kitchens for the benefit of home makers.

₹100 crore allocated for converting the KSRTC buses to CNG model.

To bolster dairy sector special scheme.

To revive the moribund sector, Mr. Balagopal announces tourism circuits in Malabar Literary Circuit and Biodiversity Circuit.

₹100 crore venture capital fund to help start-ups and small and medium scale investors.

Government services to become fully online from October 2, Gandhi Jayanthi.

₹5 crores to conduct a detailed study to improve moffusil roads, reduce accidents and ease traffic congestion.

Proposal to acquire ten hydrogen powered public transport buses at a cost of ₹10 crore, with assistance from the Indian Oil Corporation.

Modernisation of Kollam bus stand.

Proposal to set up Centre of Renewable Energy at University of Kerala to conduct research in the field of green energy.

For newspaper distributors, fish vendors and couriers working in the gig economy, ₹15 crore set aside to underwrite the bank loans availed by electric two wheelers.

The budget allocation towards various welfare schemes for expatriate Keralites is enhanced to ₹170 crore.

With emphasis on knowledge-based economy, ₹300 crore has been set earmarked for the purpose in the budget.

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