August 17, 2022
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Kerala man who raised charges of information leaking arrested for ‘imitating’ as COVID-19 patient

Bekal police have booked Himdad Pallipuzha (28), a social laborer in Pallikkara, for purportedly mimicking as a COVID-19 patient and raising charges of information hole of patients. He was accused of wantonly giving incitement with purpose to cause riots (Section 153 of IPC), and causing an aggravation through any methods for correspondence (Section 120 (o) of Kerala Police Act).

In the every day public interview in Thiruvananthapuram, boss priest Pinarayi Vijayan said Himdad asserted in a video that he was a COVID-19 patient and he and 10 other patients got phishing calls. “He likewise said that he would move toward the High Court over the information spill. In any case, there is no patient by the name of Himdad in Kasaragod,” the main clergyman said and included: “Himdad was at the cutting edge of the phony crusade that information of COVID-19 patients of Kasaragod was leaked”.

Meanwhile, an special group under State Crime Records Bureau ADGP took the statements of Himdad’s family members and the clinic director. The special group is examining the charge of the information leak.

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