August 3, 2021
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Kerala likely to seek WHO’s help to fight ‘Nipah Virus’


The South Indian state of Kerala, where an uncommon virus Nipah inflicted serious disasters, is set to seek the support of the World Health Organisation, which has more expertise in handling such disastrous viruses, to fight the virus breakout, which is termed by the experts of the National Centre for Disease Control as the third major virus breakout in the country.

The disease outbreak actually occurred in the Sooppikkada village of the Kerala’s Kozhikode district a couple of days before. The incident came to light when three members of a family living in the aforementioned village died of some mysterious virus infection. Unfortunately, the delay in correctly diagnosing the actual reason for the deaths resulted in the spread of the virus among those who closely mingled with the infected people.

An unconfirmed report has said that more deaths have occurred in the region due to this virus outbreak. The authorities have anyway taken all possible precautions to stop the spread of the virus, though in the initial stage they failed.

It is confirmed that an expert team of the All India Institute of Medical Science will visit the spot to inspect the region.

The medical experts have claimed that there is no need to get panic about the virus outbreak as it is presently under control. They have found that several baseless reports are circulating in the social media platforms.

Meanwhile, some media houses have reported that the people living in the regions are leaving their houses due to fear of the disease outbreak.


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