March 20, 2023
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Kerala gears up to contain the second wave of Nipah virus


As a person, who contacted the Nipah virus from a person who had contacted the virus from the first known Nipah virus victims, has succumbed to the deadly virus infection, the Southernmost state of Kerala has geared up their measures to contain the second wave of the fatal virus infection.

As a part of the efforts towards that extent, the authorities have decided to widen the contact list of possible patients -the list containing the names of those who have made direct contact with the Nipah virus infection patients.

In last forty-eight hours alone, at least three people have lost their life due to this infection. So far, at least seventeen people have been killed in the virus outbreak.

A senior medical official has informed the media persons that the human monoclonal anti-body being procured from Australia would be made available for the patients soon.

A noteworthy fact is that some patients are responding to the treatments in a much better way.

Earlier, the patients’ response to the treatment provided by the state’s medical experts was nearly zero; it was the reason why the death toll crossed two digits within a short span of time.

What can common people do to keep themselves away from the virus, and to reduce the spread of virus?    


Vignesh. S. G

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