October 20, 2021
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How To Avoid Constipation During Travel

When we have the wanderlust to travel, be it solo or work-based trip. Everything will just go for a toll if the body is not comfortable. Especially if the stomach is uncomfortable. One of the common issues travelers encounter during travel is constipation.

Here are three remedies to make to have a hassle-free travel



Ginger keeps the body hydrated, it eliminates the foul smell from the body. Consuming ginger without milk would keep things moving and also reduces swelling of the foot legs.



Try scheduling your day, especially while you are on travel try to spend 15 to 20 minutes for a hot shower. Twice a day, a hot shower will actually act has an acupuncture for the body. It reduces the stress, adding any citrus essential oils to the water will improve digestion and promote relaxation.

Frozen food will actually make a mess for most of us. It can dehydrate and cause constipation. So its best to prefer home cooked food or places where they cook right away.


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