August 17, 2022
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Kerala By-Election: Reduction in polling percentage worries all fronts

The polling percentage in the recently concluded Kerala by-election was much less than expected.

The reduced polling percentage has been attributed to many issues – both political and apolitical, including bad weather.

Konni, Aroor, Manjeswaram, Eranakulam, Vattiyootkavu were the five constituencies which went to polls last day.

It at least three of the five constituencies, three corner competition was expected. And, in the rest two, two front competition was predicted.

Most exit poll surveys say that the LDF, led by the CPM, will make more gains in the election than the UDF, led by the Congress. Notably, none predicts gains for the NDA, led by the BJP.

If the things happen in that way, it will be a major boost for the LDF, which suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent Lok Sabha election.

But, there are many reasons to believe that the chances are there for the UDF to overturn the exit poll predictions.

In the recent Pala by-election, the LDF made an astounding victory against the UDF, which had been dominating the constituency for decades. Then, the UDF escaped the situation by terming it as a reflection of the internal difference in the member party which was allotted the seat.

If the worst happens this time, the Grand Old Party may not be able to escape that easy; it may even follow them to the next Assembly Election – in which the UDF has a good chance to mark a victory.

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