August 3, 2021
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Karnataka legislative assembly monsoon session begins Today

The crucial monsoon session of the Karnataka legislative assembly has begun Today. Only obituary reference has been listed in the list of business for Today.

At present, the total strength of the JD(S)-Congress coalition in the assembly is less than 100. Meanwhile, the strength of the BJP alone is as high as 105 – at least five seats higher than the coalition, which rules the state.

As per an expert opinion, the next move of the BJP depends on two crucial decisions: one is the decision of the speaker and another is the decision of the top court (both are considering the matter of the resignation of the rebel MLAs from the JD(S) and the Congress).

The destiny of the coalition is almost clear now. It seems that the Congress and the JD(S) have almost completely lost their hope in the future of the coalition.

With the present strength, the coalition cannot stick to the seat of power for long. It is clear that the BJP is planning something big. Once those two crucial decisions, particularly the decision of the SC, are out, it may definitely come forward aggressively with their next move aimed at securing the seat of power of the state.

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