April 7, 2020
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Jonny Depp’s Outake on Reality Show’s


Actor Johnny Depp finds the modern world’s obsession with material goods “frightening” and feels the craze will cause downfall of society in a few years’ time. He also lashed out at reality TV stars.
“It’s really frightening. And when you see all this stuff that goes on in the commercials – the endless commercials – people yelling down your gob, ‘Buy this, do this, this will save you, this will fix you.’
“Everything can be a reality show now. Imagine what’s it going to be in 20 f***ing years, man,” contactmusic.com quoted him as saying.
Depp also went on to apparently slam stars like the Kardashians and Paris Hilton by lamenting that talentless socialites have become idols to a whole generation thanks to the phenomenon that is reality TV.
“People get famous now for I-don’t-know-what. People have reality shows because they’re a Hollywood socialite, and these things become very successful and they generate a s**tload of money for the company,” said the “Rum Diary” star.
“And it’s multiplying, to where you’re literally looking into your next door neighbour’s bathroom with reckless abandon. It is like watching a fire. You can’t take your eyes off of it,” he added.

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