April 18, 2024
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JD(S) prepares for General Election


A senior JD(S) leader has recently said that he had reasons to believe the BJP would advance the date of the 2019 General Election. The developments taking place inside the party indicate that the JD(S) is preparing for the election.

While speaking to media persons, the JD(S) leader and former Prime Minister, H D Deve Gowda, has asserted that the proposed third front would be a state specific front. He has added that in the state of Karnataka, the JD(S) and the Grand Old Party would jointly fight the election.

Notably, the leader has not mentioned how many seats his party would ask during the general election in the state. He has given clarity to one thing that his party would give a seat from their quota to the BSP, who is the close ally of his party in the state and, in return, would ask a seat from the Dalit party’s quota in the Uttar Pradesh, where the Dalit-Muslim party is likely to get more than forty seats even if as proposed it joins an alliance with the SP, for JD(S) Secretary General Danish Ali.

The senior JD(S) leader has tactically declined to comment the provocative comment made by a senior Congress member that the JD(S)-Congress alliance in the state would not last more than a year.

How the Saffron Party would defend the ‘state-specific alliance’ strategy envisaged by the, so called, newly emerged third front or anti-Saffron front?


Vignesh. S. G

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