August 15, 2022

Jail authorities never learn from mistakes: critics

Evoking a feeling that the jail authorities do not learn from their mistakes, the repeated incidences of the jailbreaks have raised serious concerns about the security measures taken by the jail administration to secure their prisons.

Earlier, last day, nearly ten unidentified gunmen disguised as the prison officers or police officers tricked into the jail premises and escaped with nearly six people including a dangerous Khalistan militant, Harminder Singh Mintoo.

The shocking fact is that it is not the first time a serious security breach in the jail reported by the authorities.

Recently, on October 31, nearly eight SIMI activists escaped from the Bhopal prison. They were later killed by the security officials.

Critics allege that the frequent jail breaks would give wrong message to the public about the security of our prisons.

As per a statistic report released in 2015 by the National Crime Records Bureau, over two-hundred criminals including dangerous militants and gangsters escaped from the prisons in that year.

Experts say that these frequent jail breaks indicate our prisons are neither properly protected nor perfectly maintained by the authorities.

When we closely monitor the Bhopal jail break incident, it is clear that the security cameras and other modern installation were not seriously maintained by the authorities, experts added.

Meanwhile, it is learned that the Pakistan spy agency is helping the Khalistan movement in an effort to derail the peaceful atmosphere of Punjab.

Anyway, the government authorities have reportedly taken strong preventive measures to check any such incidences.


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