June 20, 2024
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India’s first digital village ceases to exist, contradicts our digital policy

Even while the central government is asking us to embrace the digital India as fast as possible, it is alleged that in some projects related to this ambitious program it shows less enthusiasm compared to the others. When we hear about the digital India concept, the first thing that comes to our mind is the India’s First Minority Cyber Village project. The remarkable project was launched in Alwar region of Rajasthan in early 2014 by the UPA regime, giving big hopes to the village, which was otherwise deprived of all such digital technology education programs. Even, the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, visited the village to acknowledge the achievement made by a small village and to encourage such initiatives taken by a visionary government. When the new government, which, said to be, possesses a modern thought process encouraging the Digital India programs, took the helm of the centre, no one had even imagined that the India’s first digital village project might face a pathetic disaster in near future because of some unjustifiable reasons that such a project would not give any mileage to the new government’s image and the minority population living in the region, which is traditionally supporting the congress regime, was not an asset to the saffron regime. Anyway, now, it has fully embraced a slow death. A report published in the national media claims that still the innocent population living in this rural region dream of those happy days in which they irrespective of age marched to the cyber centers run by NGOs to learn and see the new world. For the last three years, the files regarding the project have been safely staying in some shelves of some government offices. Expert says that when the successive governments create, then erase and then recreate policies, they often forget the fact that the poor population on which they are testing their politically motivated policies may not understand the electoral drama.


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