June 29, 2022
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Indian ‘Temple Politics’


‘Temple politics’ is a unique phenomenon seen only in the Indian politics. Nowhere in the world, ever, has a political party won the confidence of an electorate with the promise of building a temple, except in India. That shows that religious buildings are a very important element in the Indian politics.

The latest developments around the Ram Temple also suggest the same. The BJP, the ruling party, and the congress, the prime opposition, are very eager to make comments about the temple. It indicates that the temple issue would most probably resurface before the upcoming general election.

A prominent right wing group recently requested the central government to bring out an ordinance in support of building the Ram Temple in Uttar Pradesh.

A congress leader has mocked it as the attempt to turn the eye of people into the temple politics from the failed promises made by the BJP.

The irony is that Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s present way of politics does not fit well with the opinion of the congress leader. It remains clear from his latest deeds that the Congress Scion is now more interested in visiting temples and projecting his Brahmin lineage, than convincing the electorate that the ruling has completely failed to act on their electoral promises of development, job and growth.

In a statement released as a reaction to the congress leader’s argument about the temple politics, a BJP leader has also highlighted the new political style of the Congress Chief to mock the congress party and project the importance of building the temple in UP.

Who is playing temple politics?



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