February 9, 2023
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Indian govt set to release 39 Pak prisoners

As a sign of the melting down of tension around the Indo-Pak bilateral relation, the Indian government is planning to release nearly thirty-nine Pakistani prisoners in the coming weeks. Of these thirty-nine prisoners, around eighteen of them are fishermen who have been languished in the Indian prison for mistakenly crossing the sea border. Rest of them are the prisoners who have either completed their sentence or about to complete it within few months or days. The move is seen by many as a sign of reconciliation between the two angry neighbours. Earlier, even if the initial days of the BJP government had shown some signs of building up of a positive relation between India and its neighbour, it could not maintain the impetus as the Pakistan government had not demonstrated as much enthusiasm as that of our country in promoting the peaceful relation between two countries. Around a month before, the Pakistan government, as a goodwill gesture, released the Indian soldier who mistakenly crossed the border during the surgical strike, Chandu Babula Chavan. It is said that the authorities desperately working to build a peaceful relation between the angry neighbours have, to an extent, succeeded in their attempt. Anyway, still, there are several areas where a strong deliberation is needed. Unless and until the Pakistan government establishes some strong measures to curb the budding of terrorism in their soil, such goodwill measures cannot serve their desired result.


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