July 17, 2024
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Indian-American racially abused in California: ‘Dirty Hindu… this ain’t India’

Days after another hate crime was recorded against four ladies from the community in Texas, an Indian-American man was racially harassed by a fellow countryman in the US state of California who called him a “filthy Hindu” and a “disgusting dog.”

On August 21, according to NBC News, Singh Tejinder, 37, verbally assaulted Krishnan Jayaraman in the Taco Bell on Grimmer Boulevard in Fremont, California.

According to the Fremont Police Department, Tejinder, of Union City, was charged on Monday with a hate crime that violated civil rights, assault, and disturbing the peace by using profane language.According to the article, Tejinder was identified as “Asian/Indian” in the charging documents.

Jayaraman recorded the tirade, which lasted over eight minutes, on his phone, capturing the moment Tejinder told him: “You’re disgusting, dog. You look nasty. Don’t come out in public like this again.” In the foul-mouthed rant, Tejinder called him a “dirty Hindu,” repeatedly used the N-word, insinuated that Jayaraman didn’t eat meat and yelled “beef!” in his face. He appeared to spit at Jayaraman twice in the video.

At one point Tejinder was seen saying: “…this ain’t India! You…India up, and now you’re…America up,” the report said. Jayaraman said he was frightened by the incident and was even more upset to learn later that the perpetrator was also Indian.

“I was scared, to be honest with you. I was infuriated on the one hand, but I was scared that what if this guy becomes too belligerent and then comes after me?” he told NBC Bay Area.

Police in Fremont are currently looking into the event.

According to abc7news.com, Jayaraman’s video ended with the arrival of Fremont police officers. A Mexican-American woman racially assaulted and smacked four Indian-American ladies on Friday in the US state of Texas, calling them “ruiners” of America and telling them to “get back to India.”

The event happened on Wednesday evening at a Dallas, Texas, parking lot. Esmeralda Upton, the woman in question, has been taken into custody.

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