May 26, 2024

India to host Miss Asia 2017

In a narrow sense, the event provides a platform for talented girls to launch themselves into the prestigious career of fashion, advertising and film industries. The qualities like talent and beauty are not enough to get into this sector. One, who wishes to enter this sector, should be enriched with such skills which are required to establish an unavoidable presence in these sectors. That is what the event does in general terms.

At the end of the event, with the help of the proper guidance of the eminent judging panel, groomers and organisers, the delegates will acquire such a confidence that each and every girl who wishes to enter this sector must possess.

There are many factors which make this event different from other similar events. The prime factor is that ‘no one tries to objectify women’s body in this event’. The Ajit Ravi’s fashion contests such as the Miss South India, Miss Queen of India, Mrs South India and Miss Asia are the only beauty events where the infamous bikini round in which the women’s body is disrespectfully treated as a mere object of beauty is excluded.



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