June 19, 2024
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India to buy ‘Boeing C-17’ from US


In order to improve the country’s capability to carry out rescue operations, the Indian government is set to buy the Boeing C-17 aircraft from the United States from where it purchased ten C-17 flights in the year 2011.

As per the report, the Indian authorities are in talks with the US government which already secured the approval of the Congress to carry out such a deal.

According to the latest information, it will cost nearly 366.2 million US dollars for the country to buy the aircraft from the United States. It is learned that the country will also get the aircraft’s associated equipment as part of the deal.

It is believed that the country which sells the aircraft will take care of its technical needs.

A source having knowledge about the deal claims that the aircraft will be delivered to the country with in a period of one month from the date in which the deal is made.

Anyway, the experts claim that with this deal, the country can considerably increase its capacity to carry out the airlifts and other rescue operations.

However, it seems that it is not likely to take too much time for the Indian authorities to reach a deal with its US counter part because the former’s Defence Acquisition Council and latter’s Congress has already shown green signal to the deal.


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