February 4, 2023
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India to buy AK 103 assault rifles from Russia

Russia India US AK103 UniqueTimes UniqueTimesNews

India is set to buy AK 103 assault rifles from Russia. As per a latest report, India has reached the final stage of negotiation with Russia for the rifles. It is believed that the US’ sanction over Russia is the element that worries India. In the recent past, India has inked several defence deals with Russia. Most of them are still in pipeline. It is the sanction that has prevented these deals from attaining progress.

A source says that India and Russia has found a way to overcome the issue of the US’ sanction over Russia.

The AK 103 rifles deal will considerably increase the strength of Indian army. The rifles will be distributed to those in the sensitive regions.

With the rival of the AK 103, the Indian army may considerably reduce the use of the indigenous Indian National Small Arms System.

Russia India US AK103 UniqueTimes

Russia and India maintains a good relation with each other. Russia is the one which arrived first with support to India when its security was threatened by a Pakistan-based terrorist organisation.

The best feature of the Indian foreign policy is that India shows maturity not to distance itself from Russia when it moves close to the US, the prime rival of Russia.


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