October 3, 2023

India, Pakistan interchange details of prisoners, nuclear points

28763-nawazx-1438169474-760-640x480Maintaining an old agreement, India and Pakistan had exchanged the details of its nuclear installations and prisoner names. Reports say that the details will be considered as highly confidential by the top government authorities. Diplomatic experts claim that the listed nuclear-installations could not be attacked by both the nations even if the counters are in war.

Earlier in late 80’s, the tough neighbours had inked a mutual pact that prohibits all kind of attack on the nuclear installation.  According to the agreement, the both sides should exchange the list of nuclear installations, and they should upgrade the list on proposed interval. Since early 90’s, the authorities are properly following the tradition. The counties unanimously suggested New Year day for exchanging the details. Indeed, Indians begin the year with a friendly data exchange with Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the country is also interchanging data about the prisoners along with the nuclear dosser.  The two sides had reached an agreement regarding the prisoners list on early 2008. According to the Agreement on Consular Access, each side should interchange the names of imprisoned people of the other nation. Reports say that the prison data exchange will be conducted twice a year, particularly on early July and January. However, the well maintained tradition is largely contributing to maintain the peace.


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