October 17, 2021
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Ajit Ravi Pegasus’s Directorial Debut Ravu: Shooting begins early September.

Ajith Ravi Pegasus

Director Ravu


Ajith Pegasus, the brainchild behind beauty  successful pageants like Miss South India and Miss Queen of India, will be directing his debut movie ” Ravu”. The shooting will begin in early September. The movie is produced by ARVA Productions. The star cast will include  Nancy Gupta,          Sabnam Miss South India, runner up, Vinu Abraham and  Sajimon Parayil.

The movie tells the story of 4 young men who leads a normal life, until and expected incidence occurs to change their lives for ever. The movie is the first production of ARVA. ARVA plans to produce  more movies that are of artistic and commercial value after this movie.



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