January 21, 2022
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India indirectly tells the US not to interfere in its military relation with Russia

India has directly told the United States not to interfere in its military relation with its all-weather friend, Russia.

India last year reached an agreement with Russia to buy a missile defence system, named S-400. The United States expressed their concerns about the India’s military deal with Russia.

While speaking to media persons ahead of his scheduled meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that what the country purchases was a sovereign right.

That statement speaks a lot. The statement means that India does not like the United States to detect what the country purchases and from whom the country purchases.

Meanwhile, the Indian EAM asserted that it would address the concerns of the United States in this matter.

Earlier, the US severed its ties with Turkey when they defied the warning of the US and purchased the missile defence system from Russia.

The US even threatened Turkey with severe sanctions over the issue. But, it has not yet imposed any severe sanction against Turkey yet.

Likewise, the missile defence system purchase by India from Russia may not bring sanctions to the country, but may bring the White House’s displeasure to the country.

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