May 28, 2024
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India and US to hold trade talks

Bringing an end to the speculations regarding the problems related to the Indo-Pakistan relation, giving a new impetus to the trade relation between Washington and Delhi, and marking a new beginning in the capitalist cooperation, the Indian government representatives and US government representatives along with the prime trade and business giants of both nations are set to meet in Menlo Park, California, within a couple of days in order to discuss vital matters regarding the trade relations and to identify new opportunities. Both countries share different opinions on some sensitive issues like the visa issue and intellectual property rights issue. The visa regulations imposed by the US government has adversely affected the Indian software industry as well as IT professionals who wish to get hired into some high-profile IT companies operating in the US, particularly in the famous high-tech world of the US, Silicon Valley. It is not clear whether the respective personals will discuss the visa issue and IP right issue or not. As per the latest information, the commercial ties, infrastructural investment, smart cities and digital technology matters are likely to get more importance during the discussion. Other important matters which are expected to reach the discussion table are the food processing, supply chain logistics, financial services, clean energy and healthcare matters. It seems that the upcoming trade talk might be the first step towards a closer relation with the Trump’s US. During the Obama’s regime, India was one of the most trusted partners of the United States.


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